Monday, 1 August 2011

Well, Elle is my very best friend, she is super thoughtful, she always knows when I need cheering up and surpises me with sugarmice. She is the most fun to be around, is unstoppable when it comes to a good time, and if its not looking like it will be a good night, she will go above and beyond to make it amazing. She looks after my clothes when she borrows them, and looks after me when I'm ill, and brings me coffee in the morning when she knows I will still be in bed and grouchy. Basically, she never lets you down. Ever. She is hilarious, sometimes unintentionally, but always laughs with you. Oh and when you go out for dinner with her, she actually eats her meal and doesnt pick around. She has excellent choice in cupcakes. She scrubs up really well, and has lovely high heels. And also values the amazingness of a night in pyjamas with takeout food. I dont have one favourite thing about Elle, I love everything about her.

And sometime you can get things wrong.

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