Thursday, 8 April 2010

What are you selling me?

What the fuck is the New Marks and Spencer campaigns about?

I’m really sorry but why on earth would you use Dannii Minogue she actual looks like a horse way to much teeth.
And Lisa Snowdon a wash up thinks she was a model? All she did was go out with George Clooney.
V.V mateeee stay with music you look like a fat guinea-pig.

I think the whole campaign is about selling the people and not the clothes.


  1. Apparently Marks and Sparks change their 'celebrity' models so often bar Twiggy because they believe the models sell the clothes. Apparently it works too, as their sales are going up season by season.

  2. Hopefully the models goes up and up.
    One day they may just be able to get real ones.