Friday, 26 February 2010

Fashion Week

I was lucky enough to see 5 shows this fashion week.
My first was Betty Jackson, which i got to sit front row and see everything.
Next was the Elliott J Frieze show which really stood out to me for two reasons one is that they pinned one of the models in to the last dress and two his whole family sat on the front row and they didn’t look very fashionable.
Not too good.

Next was Louise Goldin which was all about fashion solider. Hash sharps and military jackets and skirts however all with swarovski crystal which shinned through.

However the show which stole my heart was Basso & Brooke.
With their amazing patterns which stand out too much and are so different from anything i have ever seen. i don’t think the clothes on their own stand out however by adding their pattern makes the clothes stand out. i also think that if their clothes did have amazing shapes that it would take away from the pattern which is what Basso & Brooke are alll about.

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