Friday, 25 December 2009


From Santa fucking
Danielle Scutt gold Sunglasses!

This year in the stocking I got -
5 Harry Potter dvds
4 little Vodkas
3 Calvin Klein Pants
2 Terries chocolate oranges
1 box of m & s biscuits
Rubbish magazine book
Clutch bag from top shop
Matt nail polish by Nails Inc
Oversize bow
Jane Austen dvd
White company p’js
Pok-a-dot shower curtain
Malick Sibibe book
Black vest
Pink bra
Marc J Lola perfume
70’s styled diary
Mushroom box
Agnes B leather strap
Book of housemate’s notes
Boobi Borwn make up
YSL Mascara
White company candle
Paul Smith camera
Number 7 make up with make up case
Different colour pens
And by far the best present a gold flamingo necklace from a lovely friend.

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