Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Star of the Show

On Monday Alicia died, this came as a huge shock. She was such a strong women that I hoped that she would pull herself out of it.
All my grandparents have died so I have lost but I feel that this all came so fast that it was such a stock. I feel so odd, its such a surreal feeling, I know that she is gone but I still feel like she will walk about in, like she is just gone away for a few days and will be back soon. I think that hardest bit is going to uni, knowing that I won’t get a text of her asking me what room we are in or that she will be late.
I also feel why her? Why not some one else that no one cares about. Why not those tramps...No one will miss that he is even gone? I know that I shouldn’t think or feel this way but I do.
I am happy that I known her even though it was not for that long she made a great impression on my life. She was one of those people that you don’t meet that often that you know will away been a great friend and will be there for you when you need her. Kinda a soul mate but in a different way.

I will never ever forget her.

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